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Car Detailing Services

Just like every other machine, a car requires some maintenance for it to serve you for a long time and retain a fresh look. The most basic way to do this is by ensuring that you clean your car every so often to prevent dirt build-up which will affect the appearance as well as the functioning of your car. While a car wash will help was dirt off your car, it may not always be enough. Every once in a while, you need to give it more attention through car detailing. Here, you get to learn more about this service and how it can benefit your vehicle.

What Does Detailing Entail?
In general, detailing refers to the process that goes into a thorough cleaning and restoration of a car to give it a new-like look. Unlike a car wash, it is usually more detailed and intensive. Also, detailing is usually done by hand as opposed to a car wash where the car can simply be passed through an automated system. Car detailing services usually vary from one provider to the other. Each professional detailer will set up different packages, each of which will include a set of services depending on the price and their expertise.

Nonetheless, whichever detailing services are being offered, they usually fall under either one of these two categories:

Exterior Car Detailing
This is detailing that is done on the outside parts of the car. This usually begins with an exterior wash and dry of the exterior parts of the car such as the doors, handles and rims and glass. This is usually followed by paint claying which gives the car a cleaner and smoother surface in preparation for the next steps. During polishing, the car is buffed to get rid of scratch and swirl marks. To give the car a protective layer and a glossy finish, a sealant or wax is finally applied.

Interior Car Detailing
When the exterior is done, the detailing process then moves to the interior. Here, some vacuuming will be done on the interior parts such as the seats, mats, trunk and others. To further remove stains, other forms of cleaning such as scrubbing, brushing, steam and glass cleaning may also be applied. In case of any leather parts, leather trimming may be used. To finish off, the car may be perfumed to give it a clean pleasant smell.

Depending on the provider and package, other detailing services such as paint correction and ceramic coating may also be included.

Benefits of Detailing Your Car
Your car will definitely benefit from detailing services. For instance, it will help preserve and even correct the exterior paint job of your car. With continued use, a car gets susceptible to paint dulling. Also, it is bound to acquire some scratch marks in one way or another. With detailing services, these can be minimized and a protective layer added.

Detailing will also enhance the performance and lifespan of your car. This is because, apart from the appearance, the engine is also cleaned out, improving the health and performance of your car. Consequently, this will enable your car to run optimally which improves its chances of living longer.

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