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Essential Information About Paraffin Wax Deposition Remediation

The assurance of constant and smooth flow is vital for those in the oil and gas industry. Remember, the main goal is to offer and secure carriage of the good stream liquid from reservoirs to the processing facilities. However, the paraffin wax is a significant cause of the production and flow problems experienced in most of these oil production industries. It seems to impact profoundly on the deep offshore and cold fields.

Approximately 85% of the oil that we have in the globe experienced paraffin wax effects due to precipitation and solidification that occurs during the production process. Remember, the paraffin wax is formed at the pores, flow channels, wellbore, the walls of the well, in the tubing, and also affects the entire oil transfer system. Hence the reason to consider paraffin deposition remediation solutions and help eliminate these challenges.

The deposition of paraffin wax is considered a significantly costly issue. If paraffin management is not done appropriately, it will escalate to major problems – For instance, may cause a decrease in production, failure of equipment, blockages, a shortfall in the storage and transport capacity, obstruction of refinery pipe function, and deprived efficiency and returns.

The professionals in this field have come up with various techniques to remediate wax deposits. Multiple techniques have so far been implemented, though the success levels and risks attached var based on the method used. Some of these techniques proven to offer practical solutions include thermal treatment, mechanical treatment approach, thermo-chemical, chemical, and biological methodologies.

Note, the development of these various prevention and remediation solutions was triggered by the substantial economic impacts that face oil companies following severe wax deposition. It is essential to implement strategies that guarantee flow with intend to quantify and identify and reduce the problems caused by solid depositions. Can you imagine the overall revenue lost in the oil and gas industry as a result of reduced well streamflow or other obstructions that may lead to termination of production? If you are in this line of business, you should prioritize hiring a professional service to help manage your wax remediations.

Even with the already developed solutions, further research is being performed to help establish more effective techniques. Improvement is an aspect that we see in every sector. Professionals are ever seeking an advanced solution to enhance what has already been implemented. Nevertheless, you need a proficient and experienced company in handling paraffin deposition problems.

Remember, during oil and gas production, there is the formation and transportation of multiphase fluid (due to a combination of gas and oil). This process can also have adverse effects such as the buildup of organic depositions like the asphaltene and paraffin wax, the creation of gas hydrates as a result of the combination of hydrocarbons and water among other impacts.

Remember, the asphaltenes and paraffin deposits comprising other foreign and resinous compounds in the piping system can cause severe problems. And preventing this deposition issues will demand high investments. Ideally, deposition problems constitute a significant loss to a company, other than the cost incurred in remediation, and you are rendered non-operational, meaning no production yet you are in business. If you want to operate smoothly without facing these challenges, prioritize to take corrective actions on time.

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