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Five Reasons Above-Ground Swimming Pools Are the Way to Go

Are you planning to have a swimming pool in your property? Have you looked into above-ground pools? A lot of people insist on in-ground pools, but you might benefit from investigating further.

Lower Overall Cost

The cost of an in-ground pool nowadays plays around $15,000 to $20,000, which is quite expensive for an average family. An above-ground pool, on the other hand, can start from $1500 and offer the same benefits.

Pool Installation Timeframe

There is no doubt in the world that you can set up an above-ground pool and use it within a very short time frame. Installing in-ground pools is known for taking a long time and being so complex, but when you talk about above-ground pools, you refer to kits that can be installed within a matter of hours. As well, an in-ground pool requires an intricate design that includes landscaping, which makes the project so much more expensive. During construction, you have to wait a maximum of four months up to four months before the pool can be used. Not to mention the incidental expenses that can pile up for work that takes this long to finish.

Necessary Space

If you have limited space in your property, an above-ground pool is your perfect option since it’s compatible with nearly every backyard shape and size. It also calls for a lot less digging and construction, which means installing it is easier, even in a limited area.


It’s a well-know fact that in-ground pools are semi-permanent and are so costly to remove. On the other hand, above-ground pools can be installed or removed as your needs change. When you move, your in-ground pool stays behind. But your above-ground pool can follow you around, wherever the times take you. Just disassemble it and put it back together once you’re in your new property.

Easy Maintenance

Lastly, maintaining an above-ground pool is without a doubt a lot easier than an in-ground pool, considering that there are no hidden parts whatsoever. If you have any problems or issues with the kit, you can just inspect the parts and repair them anytime. Since an in-ground pool’s components are mostly buried under the surface, you need a substantial amount of time and effort to correct any issues. More than that, you will usually even need skilled workers, paperwork and all that. If you have an above-ground pool, you just need to ring your manufacturer or dealer and they will take care of it. Who knows, if the problem is very minor, you might even fix it yourself with just a manual.

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