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Tips to Pay Attention to When Purchasing Utility Pole Marking Tags

Utility poles are a fundamental constituent of electrical power supply networks. They also convey lines for other services such as cable, landline phones, and internet. Even in a moderately small region, there can be numerous such posts, and companies that maintain them experience distinctive hardships. Fallen trees, harsh weather conditions, and roadside accidents among others are the hazards that may influence the function of utility posts and the equipment they hold. Among the primarily effective ways of recognizing and tracking utility posts is to mount an enduring utility pole tag that will stay on the asset over the desired time. The standard utility post tag has a serial digit and could also come with added info such as a barcode. In this article, we’ll discuss why it is imperative to select the right utility post tags. If you don’t select carefully, you might neglect features that might enhance the efficiency of your operation. Choosing tags that are not compatible with harsh open-air conditions may risk damage and need costly replacements.

Asset identification is one of the elements to consider. Utility companies manage an enormous network of tools, wires, and posts. The sole method to unvaryingly track all these assets is, making use of a widespread asset management system. Before purchasing utility pole tags, look at the design of a prospective asset management program and the compatibility of each constituent. Utility post tags could have a range of features like color-coding, barcodes, and reflective coatings. Each substrate material does support varying characteristics, the explanation it’s good to match your asset management prerequisites with a particular tag. Also, since utility post tags are commonly mounted as a lasting marking, picking the correct design from the start can enable your company to stay away from expensive replacements over time. Settling on the right asset form and zones will also simplify the task of picking the accurate style of pole tag.

Maintenance and upkeep are the other factors. Utility employees are always assessing aspects along the power system and following up on continuance and repair appeals. Utility post tags assist these employees to establish the identity of all assets and keep from working on the incorrect components. Also, some companies add barcodes into their utility post tags, providing an easy way to inspect as well as access critical records in the field. Picking an optimal utility post design can decrease service time, restructure your continuance workflow, and enhance your capability to maintain fundamental equipment.

Durability is the other element on this list. The specifications and sturdiness of each tag substrate material can disagree widely. Picking the supreme material is among the principally crucial decisions you will have to make when searching for utility pole tags. These posts face different weather conditions based on the vicinities in which they’re mounted, but they all linger outdoors indefinitely. They may face relentless weather conditions, for example, hot summers with lengthy exposure to much hotness and ultraviolet rays and relentless winters with hailstones and snow. Temperatures might change persistently and make utility posts suffer incessant cycles of thawing and solidifying. For these and more, choose materials that’ll last under several conditions.

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