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How To Treat Navicular Disease In Horses

All animals are prone to diseases. There are various causes of diseases. There are still other diseases that have no defined reason. In all cases, what is important is how you are able to deal with the disease. There are some diseases that have no cure. These diseases will only need to be managed. They are the toughest in any animal. Those diseases that have a treatment are better because when detected early, the solution will also be attained in a good time. Navicular disease is one of the conditions that really affects the mobility of a horse. A horse is a mobile animal. They are mostly used for entertainment purposes. There are other people who keep them as pets.

This bone disease is a complicated disease whose exact cause is not known. There are many theories that have been developed to try and explain the cause. The first factor being the compression of the navicular bone under the DDF tendon and the back of the small pastern bone. When this compression takes place for long, there are various effects that take place. There is likely to be a lot of wear and tear, which will result in pain and discomfort on the horse. At this point, the horse will not be able to walk or will walk with a lot of distress.

There are various treatment measures that you can take. This is because there are also multiple causes for this disease. It is essential for you to trim the leg hoofs of the horse. This will be to ensure the horse has attained the right neurological balance. This is because the horses are likely to have long toes. With this, the horse will not be able to have a good posture. You will also need to offer excellent care of the hoofs. Corrective shoeing can be beneficial to horses with this disease. This is because they will be able to gain some comfort when walking.

Diet and nutrition are also other factors that will need to be put into consideration. There are many food supplements in the shops that are meant for horses with this disease. These are supplements that are intended to help in the proper development of the bones. They are also designed to assist in keeping the bones of a horse healthy. There is also proper development of various components that will help in the excellent movement of the joints. It is essential to consult your veterinary doctor who will help you with the right medicine to give your horse. Vasodilators will be essential in ensuring there is good blood flow in the vessels of the hoof.

Exercises are also crucial for the horse that is sick. When the legs are offered some practice, the horse will be relieved some pain. There are some experts who can guide you on how the exercises can be done. Frequent exercise will be good for the horse. The most important thing is to offer your horse some precautionary measures. With that, you will be able to enjoy a more extended service for your horse.

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