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Factors to Consider When Looking For a Safety Gear Supplier

There is so much that goes into the purchasing of safety gear for your team. Irrespective of the sector in which you work in, be it manufacturing, construction or industrial work, your team needs to have safety gear. If you procure the wrong type or the cheaper ones in a bid to save a few coins, eventually, it could end up costing you a lot of money in terms of work injuries, workers compensation and medical expenses. Why not save yourself thousands of shillings by finding the right safety gear supplier; a supplier that will have the best interests of the safety of your team. Finding a safety Gear supplier is a difficult task, but here are factors that can help you.

Look for a locally owned and operated supplier. Finding a safety gear supplier that is locally owned and operated has numerous perks. As opposed to a large national chain, locally owned businesses depend on their reputation. Since they do not have a huge advertising budget, they rely on word-of-mouth and customer satisfaction. Positive reviews and recurrent clients cannot be bought. A highly-ranked local safety gear supplier is an excellent indicator that they are better at giving advice, suggestions and premium products. Aside from that, locally-owned suppliers allow you to walk into the store, look, feel and test the product before purchasing in bulk.

The safety gear supplier must ensure a quick delivery. The ability to ensure fast delivery of products goes along with being a local. Did you forget to order a box of gloves? Safety glasses broke during an accident? Local businesses ensure that you get a fast replacement, and since they are around, it makes delivery quick and easy.

They should offer personal and customized services. Most national supplies and chains have sales targets that ought to be met, and for this, they will try to sell you the most expensive products irrespective of your needs. However, when you work with a local provider that you have partnered with, it means that they don’t have a sales target. All they have is questions about your workers’ environment. Local safety gear suppliers can offer you a safety site audit where they visit your worksite, assess it and provide solutions depending on what your condition needs.

Consider a supplier that has a vast selection of products. Local safety gear suppliers might have sufficient space compared to big retailers but do not be fooled by that. Often, locally owned safety gear suppliers will have as many options as the big stores. When you step into a big retailer, you are left alone to choose whatever is available in the store. However, with a local supplier, you have professionals available and when you tell them about your needs, not only will you have the products available on the shelves in front of you but also, have the solutions of the vendors on the shelf. Local safety gear providers usually have a close relationship with their vendors; therefore, if something is out of stock, you are guaranteed that they will work with a vendor to get you what you require.

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