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The Wonderful Things Therapy Dogs Can Offer

Therapy dogs have been used in schools several years now. The administrators and teachers are the first ones to witness the effects of therapy dogs on students.

You might wonder what specific things therapy dogs can really offer. In this article, you are going to learn the different benefits to enjoy.

Benefits of Therapy Dogs

* It can offer benefits to the physical aspect. Studies and researches have shown that constant interaction with therapy dogs have significantly reduced blood pressure. In addition, this can provide physical stimulation. It even assists people or students who are experiencing pain management.

* In social aspect, therapy dogs can also offer benefits. Once an individual visits therapy dogs, it can help improve self-esteem. This is can even help students and teachers to have a focused interaction with others.

* Cognitive benefits can also be experienced. It has been significantly proven how therapy dogs stimulate problem solving skills and memory. Teachers and students have been found out to have better memory which leads to better skills in solving problems.

* There are emotional and mental health benefits with therapy dogs. A national survey have been conducted and found out that 8% to 10% of teenagers (ages 13-18) experience anxiety disorder. However, this problem can be reduced with the help of therapy dogs. It has been found out that they can help lift the mood inside the classroom. As a matter of fact, therapy dogs can help students smile and laugh. Since dogs are considered as man’s best friend, it is natural for therapy dogs to offer friendship and shoulder to every student.

Now, how are therapy dogs used in campuses? There is a significant increase of schools or colleges who are offering programs such as pet therapy. This program bring therapy dogs to every student who needs a break from school pressures. A lot of college students live away from the comfort of their homes for the very first time. These students can take benefit of the kind of comfort the therapy dogs can offer. This program has helped avoid and cope up with their anxieties they are experiencing from their new environment.

Can therapy dogs help students or people who have experienced tragedy? If you’re a news lover, you sure have heard about tragedies happened at school. As a matter of fact, many have been a national news. What most people don’t know is that victims have been helped by therapy dogs. These dogs play a very important role in helping students who have experienced tragedy to cope up with the situation.

For several years now, therapy dogs have helped a lot of individuals and students coping with the different situations they are experiencing in life. They have found to be a huge help in every aspect of their life. With these benefits enumerated above, why should you keep yourself from using a therapy dog?

Now that you already know the common benefits therapy dogs can offer, it is high time for you to consider visiting one. And once you start interacting with therapy dogs, you’ll be surprised to enjoy more benefits from them.

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