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Book of Daniel Chapter 12

Having a Bible understanding of most of the Bible books helps you spend less time as you peruse through to find the best bible verse that suits your current situation. For instance, when you might want a bible verse to uplift you, having a small clue of the books you can get the best verses will make it easy for you to get the best message. However, when you do not have a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible, you are supposed to spend your time going through it so that you can know where to get the messages from your creator. One of the first steps to ensure you get good bible knowledge is investing your money in one. Though you might find it cheaper and more convenient to have a bible app on your phone, getting one hard copy will be more okay. When you are going through the Bible, you are supposed to have a pen and a notebook to note down different chapters and how you understand them. Among the things we can learn from the book of Daniel 12 in the Bible include these discussed in this article.

Having a deep bible understanding about the Second Coming Of Jesus and all the end time events has been one of the solid elements for most Adventist Believers. Seventh-day Adventists believers have continually developed a key concern in the Biblical Book of Daniel. Daniel 12 begins with Jesus, our High Priest, standing up there, being a different time of trouble like never seen before. Daniel 12 deals with the very end time, which contains three timelines according to the passage. These timelines are;
– Time (1260 days)
– Times and Half a Time (1290 days)
– 1335 days.

These have managed to throw Bible Students off for many centuries, including Pastor D. Lynn Bryson when he first found out about this prophecy about forty years ago. Understanding the Aramaic and Hebrew language the book uses and how the passages are structured are critical elements to understanding most of the passages in this chapter and interconnected explicitly with the historical times we currently live in. Over the years, Pastor Bryson has been studying Daniel 12; he and also other bible students have come to the revelation of this closing prophecy Daniel had not as a verse for the believers to understand the Second Coming of Jesus but also as an essential guide map you can use to comprehend our relationship with this Second Coming once the Sunday Law (Abomination that Causes Desolation) commences and our final arrivals at the Return of Christ.

Also, you can learn more about the Bible from great bible students and other scholars who have written their understanding and interpretation of some of these bible verses. When you cannot understand what a chapter talks about, seeking guidance and help from other people, such as clergy members, will help you through. Nowadays, you can access teaching from world-class bible scholars from the internet. It is also possible to discuss these bible chapters using Zoom meetings.

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