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Different Ways to Say “I’m Sorry” in Spanish

After discovering your mistakes after wronging the person you love, you would want to say that you are sorry to them in a way that it will sound romantic and show that you are sorry at the same time. Simply saying that you are sorry may not be convincing, but when this is done using a different language, the message will be appreciated. If you want to sound romantic, you would want to use Spanish while apologizing. Below are some of the Spanish words that someone would use to show that they are actually sorry.

Lo siento is a simple Spanish word that someone would use during an apology. This word is widely used in countries that use Spanish for communication. It is also possible that you might have heard it in your favorite Spanish soap opera. It is a Spanish word that someone can also use after bumping into someone while they are walking in the streets. Besides the word being simple, it also sounds sincere when it is used during an apology. Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation where you want to apologize to a stranger while walking through the streets of any Spanish speaking country, you can simply say “Lo siento”.

Many are the times when the people who are close to us tend to lose the people they love. Such people could be our friends or people whom we work with. If it is possible that your friend may be from a Spanish speaking company and you want to offer your condolences in a way that they will understand you. In this case, you can give your condolences by simply saying “Siento” or “Lamento”. However, you should not use the same when you bump into someone in the streets as it may sound rude.

There are those instances when you may be having a conversation with someone from a Spanish speaking country. It is possible that you may miss a point or two during the conversation and you would want the person to repeat what they have just said. In this case, you do not use the words that you would use for someone who has just lost a loved one or someone you have just bumped into on the streets. In this scenario, “perdon” would be a better word for you to use. When you use this word, whoever you are conversing with will repeat what they just said, and you would understand them the second time.

“Permitame” is a phrase that you should use in case you want to be excused. However, this is a phrase that is normally used during business meetings or any informal meeting. It would be rude for you to walk out of an ongoing meeting especially if someone is already talking. Therefore, if you would want to step out and answer your cell phone during a meeting, simply say “permitame” and you will be excused. Above are some of the Spanish phrases that someone would use to show that they are either sorry or want to be excused.

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