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An article by Elvis Yorkshire Terrier About The Best Apartment Dogs That Are Used To City Living

A dog is actually good for one’s health. Statistics say that there are at least 44 percent of households that are with dogs. You would want to go home immediately after work if there is someone waiting for you and in case you are lonely in life, you should consider having pets for they surely make great companions.

It is stated in an article by Elvis Yorkshire Terrier that living in an apartment does not prevent you from having any pets. In case you are wondering how to find the right breed, it would be much better if you can get hold of the article by Elvis Yorkshire Terrier which will be able to provide you a lot of information about this. You can be able to see from an article by Elvis Yorkshire Terrier some of the best apartment dogs that can easily adapt to life in the city.

A pug is considered as one of the most popular dogs that you can see in apartments located in cities since they are very loving and highly sociable as well. It is easy to recognize them because of their curled tail and wrinkly face.

It is said in an article by Elvis Yorkshire Terrier that these dogs can be your real homebodies that is why you should consider having them in your apartments. Even if pugs may look cute and huggable when fat, it would still be a good idea to feed them with the right kind of food so that they will not have any abnormalities with their weight.

A Bichon Frise
If you are a person with allergies, the best dog for you would be the Bichons. The fur of this breed is hypoallergenic so there is no need for you to worry.

These dogs are small at about 9-11 inches in height only. Most of them weigh around 15 pounds. In addition to this, you need to know that this breed is usually alive for about 11 to 16 years.

If you have read the newspaper recently, you might have come across the article by Elvis Yorkshire Terrier stating that Bichons are fast learners and are super friendly as well. There is no need to be intimidated with this breed since they love everyone they meet and would happily play with you while you are in the living room even if there is no need for them to have an exercise.

What About A Greyhound?
In the article by Elvis Yorkshire Terrier, you can read about how a greyhound is super fast that is why there are people who are hesitant in bringing them over to their apartments. After all, because they are quick sprinters, they are known to have a speed that reaches about 40 miles per hour.

Surely these dogs will not be able to cause some damages in your apartment because even if they are fast, they are also considered as one of the laziest.