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How to Differentiate Marijuana from Hemp

Hemp and marijuana are the two classifications of the cannabis that have been adopted into the culture. When you get to see the cannabis that has a concentration of 0.3 percent or less THC, then these are of the class hemp while those with more are for marijuana. There are other several differences between the two that are not known by the people, and so, by reading this article you will get the differences clearly.

The composition of hemp and marijuana are very parallel. Apart from the two being used in the production of high levels of CBD, you will find that their THC contents are different. Hemp only has a maximum of 0.3 percent THC while marijuana has more than that and can extend to 30 percent.

Based on the THC content that is present in marijuana and hemp, they are very different when it comes to legality. The reason as to why marijuana is legalized is that it contains more THC which is seen as a very important component. Hemp, on the other hand, has been severally termed as illegal due to the low concentration of the THC content in it and only its products that have more than 0.3 percent THC are taken to be legal.

In terms of cultivation, it is easy to note the differences between hemp and marijuana. The ecological requirements for cropping these two are widely different just in the same manner as their application. Manageable surrounding statuses like those of the greenhouses will promote the growth of marijuana plants best hence obtain a higher produce. The atmosphere conditions will have to be controlled in a certain order to promote budding of flowers of the specific marijuana breed cropped. Through all the life cycle stages of the marijuana plant, it will be necessary to give the marijuana plants more care to maximize their yields. Hemp plant on the other side is wildly cultivated. This is pointed to the need for its maximum size of spread.

The last disparity between these two lays on the usability of the hemp, and the marijuana. Because of the elements that constitute each of them, there are disparities on their application. The euphoric effects that are noted on consuming marijuana is attributed to their high THC composition. In several cases, marijuana is utilized for recreation although several research findings have proved its potential application for therapeutics. Hemp cultivation is aimed for varied purposes and the breeds planted are many. Some edibles and treatments are made and carried out respectively through the use of hemp. In addition, there are numerous industrial uses of the hemp inclusive of clothing, paper plastic, and building materials.

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