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How to Choose the Best Yeast Manufacturer

By using wine yeast, you are able to convert sugar into alcohol. Yeast is responsible for the addition of flavor, aroma, body, structure and the finish of an alcoholic beverage and not just the basic fermentation process. Most of the yeast in the world is purchased by brewers. While some will buy the final product of manufactured yeast, others will prefer buying strains to grow in their own labs. Buying manufactured yeast is often problematic as you never know what you are getting. With poor quality yeast, you can be sure that your product is not going to turn out as expected. If you base your purchase on simple selection, you may end up buying an inferior product as you need to know the specifics of the yeast you are buying. Batch to batch consistency, viability, cell counts and pitch rates are some of the most important things you need to know when buying yeast. This article look to provide you with a simple guide o how you can choose the best yeast manufacturer.

Attenuation is one of the important factors you need to consider. You should be interested in knowing how much the specific strain of yeast you are buying is going to reduce the thickness of your wort through fermentation. Apart from the alcohol content, also consider the taste and mouth feel when looking at attenuation. Depending on the style you want, you could choose a strain that attenuates as little as sixty five percent or one that can attenuate up to eighty five percent.

Flocculation is equally important. It is an important factor even though some buyers tend to overlook it. The fermentation, look and taste of you drink depends on how the yeast clumps up after it has been spent. The drink is going to have a taste close to that of wort if the yeast flocculates early since the drink will not be fully attenuated. If, on the other hand, yeast fails to flocculate or does so slowly, the final product will be cloudy and taste like yeast. There are three categories of yeast flocculation; high, medium or low. With a good idea of the type of drink you are trying to brew, you should be able to choose a flocculation level with much ease.

There is importance in the temperature range. Although most of the yeast strains in the market are sensitive to temperature, they have a temperature range where their functionality is at its best. Before you purchase a yeast strain, you need to make sure you know the temperature ranges under which it functions best and make sure you can guarantee these temperatures during fermentation to get the best taste for your drink.

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