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Healthy Food Alternatives For Butter

Many people regard the butter as an integral ingredient that they commonly use when making certain of their recipes. However the saturated fat that is found in the product poses a lot of health risk. This type of fat is the major culprit for a wide range of heart diseases as a result of its ability to clog your arteries which translates to the rise in the bad cholesterol content. All is not lost though for lovers of the butter as there are many healthy food items that can be used in its place.

The avocado is one of the food ingredients that is considered as a healthy replacement for butter. Among the nutrients that you are going to enjoy in ample proportions as a result of eating avocado are the vitamin K, fiber and potassium. Whereas it contains fat in high amounts, that variety is the healthy one. Not only will the monosaturated fat be instrumental in cutting down the bad cholesterol levels but it will increase the content of the good one.

The olive oil will play the part of the perfect healthy substitute of the butter. The olive oil comes with ample content of the healthy fats that are unsaturated. The oil does not only do well as a healthy alternative when you are baking but its application is also done when making the pasta or the mashed potatoes.

The Greek yogurt will effectively stand in for butter when you are baking foods that you desire to contain higher moisture and protein. By using the yogurt, you will not have the assurance that you are not having high intake of calories and fats but the end products will have a velvety look and feeling. As well by going for half the proportion of the Greek yogurt that is needed for the butter, you will benefit by more intake of the proteins.

It is recommended to resort to the use of the applesauce as the healthy substitute of the butter when you are preparing the recipes that are sweet. By using the applesauce, you will not only enjoy higher content of the fiber and moisture in the products that you are baking , but you will not risk getting a lot of calories. The amount of the applesauce used should be equal to the level of butter that is required in your recipe.

If you are fond of the muffins and cakes, you should consider using the pumpkin puree in place of the butter. You will not only receive the nutrients like the potassium , vitamin K and fiber by using the puree but as well the baked products will be infused with flavor that is delicious.

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