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Christian Fellowship Church in Burbank.

A church is a place where people meet to worship God it is rather defined as a temple of God for Christians who are believers in the word of God. Christians believe that through the word of God they get to know what God wants thus they practice on ways to please God. The aim of a church is to make non-believers to believe in the word of God to allow them understand about the true word of the bible through Jesus Christ.

The word of God was discovered by the roman people who got the revelation through the holy spirit and since then Christians have been practicing the teachings from the holy book the bible. And through the holy spirit the people of God believed it was right to spread the word by reaching out to people via various ways and some of this ways were through preaching in the streets attracting more crowds and teaching them about the Christian faith.

Christian’s faith is to teach people the word of God and making people believe that there is a God in heaven. The verses in the bible are guidance to Christian faith and that Christians do practice their faith by reading and understanding the Bible.

Christianity is all about believing in God and practicing about Jesus Christ and it is their obligation to preach the word of God to the lost souls thus making them know the truth of traditions and Christianity. Long ago ancient people believed in tradition faith thus never knew about the word of God but Christians have pulled them from the pit thus showing a guiding them to Christian faith. And to effectively spread the word of God Christians are now using social media so that they can draw many in believing the word of God and by teaching them about the bible plus the true faith in Christ Jesus.

More so churches today have more missions and that involves helping the needy through a Christian way By giving to the needy Christians believe it is part of their faith and that should be practiced according to the bible. Christians also believe by committing yourself in serving the people in the church by participating in the ministry of God it is one way of getting closer to God.

Christians also practice in forgiving each other and also praying for one another as Christ did. People should encourage each other and in case someone wrongs you never cease to forgive them as Christ did. Every Christian is obliged in studying the bible and practice the true word of God as this is the way to salvation through Christ Jesus.

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